Howdy fellow trail hounds and welcome to Upward Hound Adventures!  We are Kathryn and Jonathan, an adventurous couple who jumped at the opportunity to move to Alice Springs, Australia for a few years! As a family, we enjoy traveling and getting outside to experience the beauty this world has to offer.  After getting married in 2015, we rescued Penny (a Redbone Coonhound) from her hunting days and committed to filling her life with lots of love and upward adventures.  Penny is a sassy girl who loves sniffing the trails, chasing squirrels, and, most of all, napping.  Penny is also a big sister to our daughter, Emmaline Louise.  Although she’s only an infant, Emmylou is always down for an adventure and loves being outdoors.  We look forward to sharing our new experiences with you; please sniff around and enjoy our Upward Hound Adventures from Down Under!
Happy Trails,
K, J, EL & P
Disclaimer: All images are property of Upward Hound Adventures unless otherwise noted.  All opinions are our own.