Howdy fellow trail hounds and welcome to Upward Hound Adventures! 
We are Kathryn and Jonathan, a newlywed couple living in the townhouse playground of Northern Virginia.  With jobs as a kindergarten teacher and fire protection engineer, we enjoy escaping the burbs and getting outside to relax and recharge.  Our family adventures include hiking, camping, trail running, and fishing.  We usually recover from our adventures with a cold brew at our campsite or a local brewery. Penny prefers to recover with a bowl of water and a good nap.
After rescuing Penny (a Redbone Coonhound) from her hunting and Craigslist days, we committed to filling her life with lots of love and upward adventures.  Penny is a sassy girl who loves sniffing the trails, chasing squirrels, adventuring with her humans and, most of all, napping.
We invite you to sniff around and enjoy our Upward Hound Adventures!
Happy Trails,
K, J & P
Disclaimer: All images are property of Upward Hound Adventures unless otherwise noted.  All opinions are our own.