Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm- West MacDonnell Ranges

Our first outdoor adventure Down Under was to 2 spots near Alice Springs: Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm.  Both are just out of town (30ish minutes) and are just the intro to all there is to see and do nearby.  This was our first trip, “Out Bush;” a term that we’ve picked up quickly and describes the wilderness perfectly.  I used to say, “In the Bush,” or, “In the Outback,” but true Aussies just call anything out of town, “Out Bush.”

Some friends graciously offered to tour us around these two local spots and we had a great time with them and their sweet kiddos!  Emmylou was a little cranky on this day but we still had a great time seeing the sights, despite the usual baby party fouls (crying, pooping, etc…).

Simpsons Gap was absolutely gorgeous!  We even saw black-footed rock wallabies (which look like tiny kangaroos).  We didn’t get any pictures or videos because we had to leave the Gap very quickly…a certain baby was screaming her head off and scaring all of the wildlife away- hah!

After hanging at the Gap for a bit we headed to Standley Chasm.  We hiked in to the Chasm (very short walk) and finished off the day with lunch at the little cafe in the park.  We didn’t take many pictures that day but I did get some good video- enjoy!

Happy Trails,

K, J, EL & P

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