Exploring Rocky Mountain National Park

During our fall trip to Denver, Alison and Todd served as excellent tour guides in Rocky Mountain National Park!  We got up before the sun to head to the park to beat the crowds.  This proved to be an expert tip and made for a fun and successful hike with less crowds.  I recommend getting to the park early to score a convenient parking spot near the trail head.

Another exciting reason to get up to Estes Park early during the fall is the chance to see the rutting elk!  I can’t find my photos of this, but trust me when I say, we saw them up close and personal!  The elk tend to rut any and everywhere early in the morning, so it’s hard to miss the view or sound.  It was pretty incredible to see such huge and powerful animals up close.  We love a good wildlife sighting. 🙂

The early morning views of the alpine lakes were dreamy.  We enjoyed this hike because it had non-stop views!

IMG_0235 We lucked out and hit the Aspen’s changing color.  The golden color they turn makes east coast fall look boring!

IMG_0255 Here’s our group shot from the day- Jon and I, Alison and Todd and my little brother, Davis.  When we stopped at this lake we saw a guy prepping to propose!  He was surprising his girlfriend (who was hiking up with a friend) and there were rose petals everywhere!  Alison and I were swooning!  We didn’t stick around to see the actual proposal but I’m sure it was perfect (how could it not be with that backdrop)!


Here we are at another alpine lake.  I told you this hike had tons of views!


Backstory- Alison and I have been friends since college.  She and Todd relocated to Denver (along with my younger brother) so we are always trying to get to Denver to visit.  We have now been twice during the fall, but late September proved to be perfect!  The weather was cool but not cold and it ended up warming up in the afternoon.


I’m pretty sure Jon’s next statement after this view was, “This looks like the Alps!”  We both agreed that Rocky Mountain views are something special (dare I say, much more breathtaking than Blue Ridge views).


IMG_0241  We picnicked at the edge of this lake and were in heaven.  After lunch, we hit the trail again!



Rocky Mountain National Park in Fall is truly something special.  We so enjoyed our time there and look forward to another visit soon!

Happy Trails!

K, J and P

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